Clean-Up Foundation is a non-profit organization /charity which aims to bring about a positive change in the lives of garbage cleaners and rag pickers of Mumbai. 17 year old Sanjana Runwal spearheads operations of Clean Up Foundation. The organization’s objective is to be a problem solver and improve the quality of life of rag pickers and garbage cleaners in Mumbai. It has been taking steps in this direction through various social welfare activities.


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Certificate of Appreciation By Honourable Governor of Maharashtra.

On September 13th, 2021, Sanjana Runwal, founder of Clean Up Foundation, was felicitated by the Honourable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari for the excellent work done by her towards improving the living conditions of garbage workers in Mumbai. He presented her with a certificate of appreciation and also praised her research paper on affordable housing solutions for garbage workers in Mumbai.

With your support we can achieve our objective which is to make the city a better place to live . Your contributions will go a long way towards achieving this goal. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Clean-Up Foundation conducts health & COVID 19 vaccination awareness campaign for city's rag-pickers:
Mumbai, March 10, 2021: Continuing its work to help the rag-pickers of Mumbai, Clean-Up Foundation conducted an awareness campaign on improving health and hygiene of the city's rag-pickers along with creating awareness about the COVID 19 vaccination. The initiative was part of the National Safety Week 2021 drive and was conducted in association with Aasra Welfare Association at ‘H' West ward of MCGM.

During this event, Dr. Jitendra Patil, MBBS and Occupational Health Specialist highlighted the hazards, risks and control measures for health and personal hygiene management. He also shared the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and how safe it is to get oneself vaccinated. A skit was also organized in association with Yuvak Pratisthan, an NGO focusing on behavioural change among rag pickers. Clean Up Foundation distributed 3 ply cloth masks to all the Safai Sathis at the event.

Commenting on this initiative, Sanjana Runwal, Co-Founder of Clean-Up Foundation said, "It is our endeavour to provide the rag pickers with the kind of support that is not easily available to them. That's why we conducted a session on mental health some time back to help this segment deal with the anxiety and concerns that develop with the backdrop of the pandemic. Now, with the vaccination having commenced, again there are a lot of doubts, concerns and general lack of information about its impact on one's health. This event was planned with the clear objective of providing valuable insights to the rag pickers about the whole process and the associated health benefits."

Sanjana's aim is to improve the living conditions of those who keep our city clean - the garbage cleaners and rag pickers.

What people say

Mr. Parmar (Khar Nagar chowki)

"I've been working as a garbage cleaner in BMC for the past 20 years." Because of this, I've suffered from quite a few diseases in the past. I am grateful to the Clean-Up Foundation for helping me by installing water-purifier in my home. Now I am getting clean and pure water to drink.

Mr. Bajirao

Sincere thanks to the Clean-up Foundation. It's because of them that fresh & clean water is now available to us right within our Chowki. Now we don't have to go out for it.

Bobby Yashwant Londhe

Thank you Clean up Foundation for installing water purifier inside. The clean water is nothing short of a blessing.

Mr. Mangesh Laxman Deore

We've suffered immensely because of contaminated water in the past. But now no more! Thank you Clean-up foundation for installing a water purifier in our Chowki - it is of great help! All the workers and residents now have access to this water.

Mr. Rajendra Jadhav

We've been collecting our drinking water only from the Chowki. Now because of Clean up foundation, we can be sure that our water is pure and free from any contaminants.

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