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Raincoat Distribution for Sanitation Workers

On July 21, 2022 Sanjana Runwal’s Clean Up Foundation distributed rain coats to over 100 sanitation workers in Bandra. Jay Ojha, the cinematographer of the famous Bollywood movie ‘Gully Boy’ was present to do the honours at the event. Clean Up Foundation has been donating rain safety gear to rag pickers every year in addition to other numerous social welfare activities undertaken for assisting them.

Sanjana Runwal is Santa Claus for garbage workers this christmas

Mumbai, 24th December 2021: Continuing its drive towards improving the health, hygiene and well-being of rag-pickers and solid waste workers of Mumbai, Clean-Up Foundation conducted a free vaccination camp in association with MCGM at Dharavi today.

Christmas gift in the form of a free Covid vaccination camp at Dharavi by Clean Up Foundation, in association with MCGM.

Mumbai, 24th December 2021: Continuing its drive towards improving the health, hygiene and well-being of rag-pickers and solid waste workers of Mumbai, Clean-Up Foundation conducted a free vaccination camp in association with MCGM at Dharavi today. Over 2000 solid waste workers and rag pickers are being vaccinated at this camp. With the Christmas spirit around, Sanjana and her team of Clean Up Foundation spread much cheer by distributing free ration packets as well to all those getting vaccinated at the camp. This camp assumed tremendous importance as awareness and availability of vaccination is low in this section of the society and vulnerability is high. Senior MCGM officials with their team of doctors and health workers were present at the occasion.

Home Loan App For Sanitation Workers Launched By Clean Up Foundation

Clean-Up Foundation has developed a home loan app for sanitation workers. The app was formally launched in the presence of Mr. Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner of BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the governing civic body of Mumbai, along with 17 year old Sanjana Runwal, the founder of Clean-Up.

The app will help the sanitation workers in getting information about organized housing finance options and assist them in calculating their eligibility, equated monthly instalments (EMIs) etc in 4 very easy steps, based their income. Most of these workers are currently dependent on individual money lenders for their loan and finance requirements, often getting exploited in the process. This Diwali the Clean Up Foundation aims to brighten up the lives of the sanitation workers by helping them obtain their own house.

Certificate of Appreciation By Honourable Governor of Maharashtra.

On September 13th, 2021, Sanjana Runwal, founder of Clean Up Foundation, was felicitated by the Honourable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari for the excellent work done by her towards improving the living conditions of garbage workers in Mumbai. He presented her with a certificate of appreciation and also praised her research paper on affordable housing solutions for garbage workers in Mumbai.

Letter of Appreciation from Minister of Housing – Maharashtra, for Research on Affordable housing for Garbage Workers

On August 10th, 2021, Sanjana Runwal, founder of Clean Up, received a letter of appreciation from Mr.Jitendra Awhad, honourable Minister for Housing, Maharashtra. 17 year old Sanjana has written a paper on Affordable Housing Solutions for Garbage Workers of Mumbai, post a primary research done by her.

Sanjana Runwal was awarded the title of ‘Young Changemaker’ by Lions Club International for her tremendous work done towards improving the life of garbage cleaners in Mumbai.

Clean-Up Foundation organizes vaccination drive for rag pickers in association with Bhamla Foundation

Mumbai, 13th July 2021: Clean-Up Foundation, a NGO that works for the betterment of the ragpickers, in association with Bhamla Foundation, that works to address the health, environment and cleanliness issues in the city; organized a free vaccination drive for the the rag-pickers of Mumbai. A vaccination camp is being conducted for 4 days from 13th July at Peace Haven at Bandra West which will focus on the under-privilegedand youth. The event was flagged-off in the presence of Ms. Sanjana Runwal, co-founder of Clean-Up Foundation along with Bollywood actor and youth icon Arjun Kapoor and many other dignitaries. Former chief minister of Maharashtra Mr.Devendra Fadnavis presented Sanjana with a certificate of appreciation for her initiatives. Clean-Up Foundation will be getting a large number of rag pickers vaccinated over two days at this camp.

16-year Sanjana Runwal, co founder of Clean-Up Foundation said, "It is important to vaccinate the under-privileged as they do not have easy access to vaccination or awareness about it. Rag pickers are at maximum health risk due to the nature of their work and their general living conditions. Therefore there is a necessity to extend our help to them and get them vaccinated on priority otherwise infections can even take a fatal turn for them. Clean-Up has been relentlessly working for the betterment of rag pickers' health & hygiene. Vaccination drives are a part of this initiative and camps like this one are extremely important."

Taking inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi's quote - "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members", Clean-Up Foundation firmly believes that it is imperative to help these unsung heroes of our society and shall continue its efforts in this direction.

Clean-Up Foundation initiates vaccination drive for city's rag-pickers

Mumbai, 6th July 2021: In view of the pandemic situation, Clean-Up Foundation has started a new initiative for the city’s rag pickers. It has started a vaccination drive for this extremely vulnerable and overlooked segment of our society. This vaccination drive for the rag-pickers will be executed in multiple batches out of which the first batch was vaccinated today at Gandhi hospital in Parel. The drive was carried out in association with Aasra Welfare Association and the rag pickers were administered Covishield vaccines. Many more rag pickers will be vaccinated as a part of this initiative during the coming weeks.

Clean-Up Foundation conducts health & COVID 19 vaccination awareness campaign for city's rag-pickers

Mumbai, March 10, 2021: Continuing its work to help the rag-pickers of Mumbai, Clean-Up Foundation conducted an awareness campaign on improving health and hygiene of the city's rag-pickers along with creating awareness about the COVID 19 vaccination. The initiative was part of the National Safety Week 2021 drive and was conducted in association with Aasra Welfare Association at ‘H' West ward of MCGM.

During this event, Dr. Jitendra Patil, MBBS and Occupational Health Specialist highlighted the hazards, risks and control measures for health and personal hygiene management. He also shared the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and how safe it is to get oneself vaccinated. A skit was also organized in association with Yuvak Pratisthan, an NGO focusing on behavioural change among rag pickers. Clean Up Foundation distributed 3 ply cloth masks to all the Safai Sathis at the event.

Commenting on this initiative, Sanjana Runwal, Co-Founder of Clean-Up Foundation said,
"It is our endeavour to provide the rag pickers with the kind of support that is not easily available to them. That's why we conducted a session on mental health some time back to help this segment deal with the anxiety and concerns that develop with the backdrop of the pandemic. Now, with the vaccination having commenced, again there are a lot of doubts, concerns and general lack of information about its impact on one's health. This event was planned with the clear objective of providing valuable insights to the rag pickers about the whole process and the associated health benefits."

Sanjana's aim is to improve the living conditions of those who keep our city clean - the garbage cleaners and rag pickers.

Clean-Up Foundation distributes insurance policies to rag-pickers in Bandra: Continuing its work to help the rag pickers and garbage cleaners of Mumbai, on December 4th Clean-Up Foundation distributed medical insurance and personal accident insurance policies to 60 rag pickers. The event was organized in association with Aasra Foundation and H West Ward of MCGM. Sanjana Runwal, co-founder of Clean-Up Foundation, handed over the insurance policies to the rag-pickers. Under the policies issued, each of the rag pickers will be eligible for health insurance benefits of up to 1 lac and personal accident coverage of up to 3 lacs.
Commenting on this initiative, Sanjana Runwal, Co-Founder of Clean-Up Foundation says, “Despite their immense contribution to urban waste management as they recycle almost 20 per cent of India's wastes, India's rag-pickers continue to struggle for survival in dire conditions-exposure to harmful substances and poor wages and lack of basic civic amenities. Currently, when the entire city is impacted due to this deadly virus, there is a necessity to extend our help to them. This segment does not have access to insurance and hospitalization benefits and this is a much needed facility in their profession, especially in the current situation.”
Clean Up Foundation firmly believes that it is imperative to help these unsung heroes of our society and shall continue its efforts in this direction.

Mumbai, July 25, 2020: The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has unfolded some very inspiring stories. 15 year old Sanjana Runwal, co-founder of the NGO Clean Up Foundation is scripting one such story. She has been working diligently for the unsung heroes who tackle our city's waste crisis – the rag pickers. This is also one of the least recognized and appreciated segments of our society. In these difficult times with the COVID 19 crisis, the rag pickers are almost a forgotten lot. This is where Sanjana and her NGO have stepped in to provide some relief to the city's most vulnerable community. Today, Clean Up Foundation organized an event for rag pickers at Bandra in association with MCGM ‘H' West ward, where Mr. Rajesh Hundekar, a member of Manashakti Research Centre held a session on managing mental health and how to cope up with the challenges during these difficult times. Manashakti Research Centre helps people achieve success and peace of mind through scientific means and social welfare activities. Mental well-being techniques are not something this segment of the society has access to and Sanjana is trying to bridge this gap. On this occasion, Clean Up Foundation also donated protective gear to the rag pickers to equip them for the ongoing monsoon season. They were provided with rain coats and gum boots, extremely critical safety gear for the rag pickers in the rain.

In view of the current pandemic and the necessary lockdown, Mumbai's rag pickers and garbage cleaners need our help. On March 28th, Clean Up Foundation took a small step in this direction by donating food for over 60 cleaning workers at Bandra. The distribution was done by Aasra Welfare Association, with whom Clean Up Foundation works closely. Stay safe, stay at home and keep helping those who are in need.

Clean Up Foundation has also provided medical insurance for 60 workers, a much needed facility for this segment.

Sanjana Runwal, co-founder of the Clean Up Foundation, through her 'Revolution for Rag Pickers' initiative brought in some Diwali cheer among the rag picker community. The NGO donated a sanitary pad vending machine at the MCGM sorting centre to improve health & hygiene of the female rag pickers. The foundation also provided healthy meals to over 200 rag pickers along with financial assistance for their children's education.

Sanjana Runwal, the 14-year-old philanthropist, through her 'Clean Up Foundation', donates gumboots and raincoats, and also provides healthy meals to over 200 of the city's most vulnerable community of rag pickers.

Sanjana Runwal was felicitated by UN Environment, Ministry of Environment & Bhamla Foundation on World Environment Day for her efforts to provide better living conditions to the rag pickers of Mumbai. She was awarded at a high profile function held at the Amphitheatre, Carter Road, Bandra on Monday June 5th, 2019 with a crowd of over 8000 people in attendance. She was the youngest recipient of this award.

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