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Our first step towards our aim of improving the quality of life for the garbage cleaners of Mumbai is to provide them with clean drinking water. It is ironic that the people who clean the city every day live in such deplorable conditions. According to BMC report, the average garbage cleaner does not live for over 40 years. They do not have access to fundamental necessities such as potable water, that are essential for survival.

We have embarked upon this journey by installing water filters purifiers to various wards of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the municipal corporation of the city of Mumbai. These filters shall finally provide water that is potable and pathogen free; thus allowing the cleaners to drink water without the fear of any disease.

In October 2016, water purifiers were donated to the BMC . The Clean-Up Foundation which were installed at multiple Chowkis across Bandra, Khar and Santacruz under the H/West Ward Office. This initiative ensured clean drinking water availability for over 12000 garbage cleaners in Mumbai.

We aspire to target various such locations that shall help the true heroes of Bombay, the cleaners. We seek your donations to help us in achieving this.

Appreciation certificate by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to Mr.Sidharth Runwal & his NGO - Clean Up.

Contribute to my charity work through your donation. Thanks for your support.

Appreciation certificate by Apollo Clinic to Mr.Sidharth Runwal and his NGO - Clean Up.

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